More Experimenting with Real Humans

The Minnesota State High School League is considering a new policy that would enable students struggling with gender dysphoria to participate in athletic competition in the gender category they most identify with. The policy requires students to receive hormone treatment to inhibit their natural development. The vote is delayed until December, but the proposed policy can be read here.

Hillcrest, and other faith-based schools, have voiced dissent to the new policy. We believe there are significant consequences to the proposed rule ammendment, whether or not it is rewritten before it is revisited in December.  Experimenting with hormone therapy, specifically on children and students in the prime of their developmental stages, is extremely dangerous and results in unalterable side effects that a student in high school likely cannot comprehend. 

Students should receive guidance on this issue, rather than encouragement to experiment in changing hormones and body structure to meet a sexual preference. Research indicates that students who struggle with gender dysphoria in childhood will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty (See research outline). 

We continue to pray for the leadership of the Minnesota State High School League as they engage in this cultural battle. Our prayer is they would be found operating within the physical and social structures that are examples of a created and organized world, and that their solution would be to offer encouragement, support and resources towards those who are tormented by gender dysphoria.

Wayne StenderComment