Students Share Stories From Hillcrest Halls

We're excited about the mundane months. A recent story produced by the journalism class has many students anticipating the mundane motions at Hillcrest.

Often, school grows routine. Students find themselves in the same place, at the same time, every day. But our instructors have been challenging the students to think about how they're faithful through the mundane. One way teachers and coaches do that is through consistent conversation and mentorship with students. Addressing the routine, encouraging spiritual disciplines, students receive a constant reminder that the world they're learning about, often in a monotonous daily ritual, is full of life and excitement. Students hear that if they can develop consistent habits of prayer, solitude and testimony, their droning studies actually become and practice in deepening faith.

Hillcrest's journalism class is documenting some of the unseen realities where God is meeting students who are consistent in their work. Whether on the field, in the classroom, or through study periods, students are encountering an organized world, finding hope and relationship in a personal God.

Recently, Senior Kelly Dzialo sat through what may be a mundane class. She documented how God spoke powerfully through the consistent message of His order using literature. Hear how she and other students are realizing the significance of God, by following this link to the HLA Today>> 

Wayne StenderComment