Hillcrest Sees Specific Creation as Best Explanation

BioLogos is an organization that claims Christ and promotes evolution. The verbiage on their website identifies evolutionary creation as the mechanism God used to create the world over billions of years. There is a problem with this philosophy that impacts all areas of life.

Within traditional evolutionary thought, outlined definitively in Darwin's scientific writings, an undirected process caused a natural selection of fit species to sustain life on earth. A branching tree model posits a single organism that all life descends from. This single life form is the trunk of a tree of species that includes branches of animals ranging from dogs to kangaroos, and includes human beings.

BioLogos believes, "that God also reveals himself in and through the natural world he created, which displays his glory, eternal power, and divine nature. Properly interpreted, Scripture and nature are complementary and faithful witnesses to their common Author." They also believe that, "the diversity and interrelation of all life on earth are best explained by the God-ordained process of evolution with common descent."

There is a problem with the theory of common descent. Darwin popularized common descent as an explanation of life without a need for God. His outline for the diverse population of animals on earth is explained through dialectic causes. The clash of weak and strong with nature allows the strongest to survive and the weakest to fall away.

Common descent doesn't fall inline with God's character revealed in the Bible. A close and careful reading of Scripture reveals a God who cares for the weakest. In fact, his use of Israel as the chosen nation, allowing Moses to be a spokesman, the savior of the world arriving on earth in a cattle trough, and the use of the disciples to communicate the message of the Gospel speak against a characteristic that God uses a theory like common descent and guided evolution to create. Both theories, common descent and guided evolution, insinuate a might-makes-right approach. God's character is not consistent with guided evolution or common descent as taught in text books.

Hillcrest sent a representative to Bethel University to visit with Dr. Adam Johnson regarding his upcoming research with Biologos. Dr. Johnson received a grant that enables him to study opinions regarding evolution and creation. The thesis of the research is that the theory of evolutionary creation can unify the faith and science communities. 

The representative found Dr. Johnson to be very warm and inviting, sharing most details of his research readily. Dr. Johnson communicated his return to the Christian faith and his growth in understanding Jesus. His expertise is in the area of animal behavior. He correlates human behavior with animal behavior. He starts his class asserting that evolution is the model for science and as they participate in his class they will need to use evolution as they understand behavior. Associating evolution to human behavior, guiding students to view social structures from an evolutionary perspective, is a bad idea.

Societies based on evolutionary science have a poor track record. Notably, Hitler and scientists with Nazi ideologies used eugenics to support an evolutionary model for mankind. The aim was to rid the world of races and people who were inhibiting evolutionary growth. The United States aided the development, and IBM developed a machine called the Dehomag that populated ancestral trees of humans to determine if they were fit for the society Germany was creating. Evolution was at the heart of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who finally apologized to victim's families while on death row after reading books on Creation science. The premise of his apology was that he was acting out his worldview, and until he saw mankind as divinely created image bearers he thought the strongest would survive and he set out to be the strongest.

Anecdotal stories are numerous in support of a holistic view of a divine creator who initiated life in a specific and direct process. Theories that say the process took billions of years of guided or unguided evolutionary processes are founded with the goal of removing God or limiting his visible creative power.

Dr. Stephen Meyer wrote Darwins Doubt to show how Darwin's theory explained life but couldn't answer the explosion of life in the Cambrian layer of rock strata. This failure, and the failure to find transitional fossils, challenges the theory of common descent and evolutionary process. Looking objectively at the fossil record it appears that animal life exploded on the planet in one miraculous incident. At Hillcrest we believe that incident was God's voice speaking life into existence. Our view of science rests on the Bible. We understand God's world to be consistent, coherent, and wholly complete within Scripture. His communication of the creation story, while contested in science, is not disproven with evolution or theories of descent. 


Wayne StenderComment