Teacher Testimonies Impact Chapel

Walk through the main hall on a Friday morning during Chapel and you'll see staff and teachers crowding around the doorway. Hillcrest's Friday chapel services offer praise and worship and student testimonies. A request from students is mixing-up the tradition and creating some buzz on campus.

Hillcrest's student chaplains are requesting faculty to share their faith stories. Intentional time in classrooms often offer glimpses of faith journeys to students from their teachers, however a full picture is being requested by students as they grow comfortable with the school year.

Today, Mr. Undseth shared his journey. The poignant time was significant as Mr. Undseth learned of his mother's passing this morning. Explaining the impact his mother had on his faith, Mr. Undseth closed by highlighting the impact a right view of self with a right view of Jesus Christ has on believers. 

We invite you in to our chapel through the video below to hear a testimony of how Hillcrest instructors are building a platform for the Gospel to be heard in the Castle.

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