All Truth is God's

Is it a debate over evidence? Or philosophy? Dr. Frank Turek explains how science really doesn't say anything, scientists do. For more information, DVDs and more, visit

There is controversy surrounding the start of the universe. Stories in Christian publications stand next to explanations from secular outlets, looking to explain the cause of the universe. As they address these topics, one of the first things I do is analyze their authority of truth. It reveals a great deal, and leads to different conclusions.

All schools teach the truth of general revelation to some extent. Frankly, the world can't avoid the order of creation. The intricacy of the universe causes the mind to wander to the incredible structure of the universe. This awe leads many deeper into the complex web of science, where they undoubtedly encounter mathematics, that draws mankind to communicate history using language and the arts. So, there you have the entire span of school, where students are left studying the world and communicating it in various form

So private and public schools all study the same world, which is intricately designed. No one is really debating that fact. However, there is debate regarding the foundation on which the study is built. Is science the ultimate source from which we garner truth, or is there something that girds science so we can test, deduce, and hypothesize about the world.

At Hillcrest we believe the answer of God needs to be addressed on a daily basis as students study the world. Without answering the question of God students are left to attribute god-like qualities in order, design, and functionality to random chance processes or some type of alien-like intervention that started life. 

Based on reason, it is more logical that the universe was created by an omnipotent being who ordered, intervened, and sustains the galaxies. Without something holding everything together nothing could exist. Either we are left worshipping in awe the accidents of modern science, or we are left drawing closer to a personal God who created the universe as proof of his existence. All of the truth bound-up in the universe points to something, and it is more logically accurate that that something is a someone from whom all truth finds its meaning.