Integration Drives Dissemination

The study of of physics is sacred. Well, everything is sacred. How truth is presented to students in schools that are intentionally Christian drives this point.

In intentional schools, the Bible drives all academic understanding. If the universe is intelligently designed, and students are to study the world with any intention, they must understand that the Bible is the bedrock and all academic studies disseminate from an understanding of the Bible as the infallible testimony of God to the world. 

Some may follow former atheist Antony Flew's path to understand God's communication to the world. Believing the world to be a cosmic accident, Flew began reading the research coming from molecular science. From the complexity of the design within the cell Flew was left to reason that there is an intelligent creator. Upon understanding this fact he is left to integrate his previous view of the world into a theistic perspective. Integrating God into his life, flew changed his message and disseminated a worldview that needs God.

The integration of academic disciplines into the Biblical framework leads to a more robust study of the world. As we are driven deeper in relationship with friends, so students can be driven to understand complexities of the created order, finding aspects of God's character around every corner. This integration into the studies students have in the classroom changes how they talk about science. Now science, mathematics, history, and other academic disciplines are a tool for evangelism. The integration drives the dissemination.

Wayne StenderComment