Celebrating with the Sciences

Cody Joy is a 2011 Hillcrest graduate. He first discovered a love of science in Hillcrest’s Robotics Team. He credits his teacher, Armin Jahr Sr., with challenging him to pursue a career in engineering. Cody's Hillcrest experience is being used in powerful ways beyond his vocation.

Cody met his advisor, Dr. Sung Kim, during Cody’s sophomore year at LeTourneau. Dr. Kim is in the middle of a research project on a device to detect cancer using a blood test--much like the way diabetics uses glucose monitors to assess blood sugar. Cody was invited to the team in an uncharacteristic fashion his sophomore year. His Hillcrest experience gave him a unique place next to Dr. Kim.

Making friends with students from Asia in the dorms, Cody learned to communicate by navigating nuances in language patterns from his foreign friends at Hillcrest. In his first few meetings with Dr. Kim at LeTourneau, a unique friendship blossomed thanks to Cody taking advantage of his time at Hillcrest. Cody says he was familiar with Dr. Kim’s accent and speech patterns. He found it easy to interact with Dr. Kim and others on the team who held English as a second language.

The friendship between Cody and Dr. Sung is spilling over into greater opportunities. When Dr. Kim accepted a position at Baylor, taking his research across the state, Cody was invited to come along. Cody is almost like a translator for Dr. Kim. When scientific journals or lead researchers want to visit about their research, Cody is often by Dr. Kim's side. As Dr. Kim explains a concept Cody filters the nuances in the language and explains the idea in greater detail.

Cody is pursuing his PhD, currently wrapping up his application to Baylor. A more detailed story is being prepared for the fall issue of the Hillcrest Connection. Cody's story is a small sample of how a Hillcrest experience is worth so much more than a diploma, opening experiences to students that are used by God in powerful ways.

Dawn SynstelienComment