Students React to AXIS Presentation

Yesterday a student plopped down on the couch and started to share why Formations Week at Hillcrest was so difficult.

Axis gave a thorough explanation of the six major views of the world during Formations Week. The two day event sent the young student's mind spinning. Grabbing a pillow on the couch didn't stay the vertigo.

The student shared thoughts with a Hillcrest staff member. The pensive student made some choices before coming to Hillcrest that she is rethinking after Formations Week. The choices had to do with her belief in God and ultimate purpose. She stared at the ground as she finished her thoughts, the silence was thick.

The Hillcrest staff member shared a quote mentioned in AXIS' presentation, referencing Plato's thought on living a life that is fully examined. The staff member told the young girl that her decisions don't define her. She is defined by the love of God, seen most clearly in Jesus' death and resurrection.

The staff member then said that this is the perfect time to think through her questions on God. As a smile crept across the face of the young girl the staff member encouraged the girl to examine her life. He referenced some of the classes at Hillcrest that are supported by AXIS' presentation. He could sense that she finds the Christian view the most true, he thinks she just needs some time to process it.

We celebrate that Formations Week is calling some students to rethink their culture and perspective of the world. We believe that students have big questions and big ideas they need to wrestle out. While the culture doesn't always do this, it is imperative that schools offer a setting for it. Praise God for establishing Hillcrest Academy for such a time as this, and for the ministry of Axis that does the dirty work of diving deep into faulty thoughts.

Wayne StenderComment