Lady Comets Reveal Difference in Athletics at HLA

On Monday the Girls Basketball team visited Morning Son Christian School. What they shared in chapel is truly uplifting.

Coach Kendra Grothmann shared how the team gathered after a game to celebrate a teammates birthday. While the cake was cut a player stood up and effortlessly shared a simple attribute she appreciated of the birthday girl. What ensued was a heartwarming session of encouragement from the team.

As players went around the circle a renewed sense of friendship developed. Where most girls might spend the night talking about the upcoming formal event, or texting friends sitting at home, the Comet ladies focused on the heart of celebrating the birth of their friend.

Coach Grothmann shared with the students at Morning Son how unique it is to be a part of a team that seeks to honor God and honor each other. She shared that this type of behavior isn't normal. Apart from the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, there is nothing natural that would drive players to honor Christ by supporting each other in prayer.

As the picture from the night shows, the girls closed in prayer. A small sample of how different athletics is in the Castle. What players miss most after handing in their jerseys and packing up their lockers is not the rush of making a shot or the thrill of running to the locker room in victory. It's the significant events behind the scenes that fans rarely see.

God be praised for the mission of Hillcrest Academy, using sports as a tool to develop deep friendships and forge faith in the life of students.

Wayne StenderComment