Yearim Builds Confidence in Christ Through Hillcrest Experience

With excitement and nervousness, Yearim came all the way from Korea to America and was ready to explore in her sophomore year. Coming to a Christian school created an unexpected experience that is surprisingly changing her life.

Yearim grew up in a non-Christian family. Her brother thinks Christianity does not have strong supports and doesnít make sense. Coming to Hillcrest was her first time hearing about Jesus and knowing God personally.

Living in a foreign culture was a huge challenge for Yearim. She had a hard time fitting in at Hillcrest. She felt lonely and terrified since it was her first time studying abroad without any friends or family to support her. When she was all by herself in her dorm room, surrounded by silence, she felt even more isolated. "I have (sic) nobody to talk to and I couldn't call my family because of the time difference," Yearim said. 

Having to speak a different language is another reason Yearim felt like an outcast. "I couldn't focus in class because I couldn't understand what the teacher say (sic)." Yearim continued, "I cannot (sic) communicate with people in my classes and I am (sic) the only Korean in my grade at that time."

Yearim was once an outgoing girl in Korea, but coming to United States made her a complete opposite person. In Korea she was talkative and was always engaging in conversations, but in the United States. she was shy and quiet. She would not engage in conversations because she felt uncomfortable and nervous to speak English. The only people Yearim talked to when she first came to Hillcrest was the Koreans, they helped her academically and spiritually. 

Participating in the Korean devotion group was her first time studying about Jesus. Her friends in the group encouraged her to read the Bible and to put faith in God. While having devotion times, Yearim found herself building relationships with others in the group. She realized that it was God that gathered them together, and God is the reason she is no longer lonely. 

Yearim finally decided to place her faith in Jesus Christ. She felt power in Jesus, knowing others were praying for her new found faith. Since then, she finds herself praying to God when she feels lonely. She asks God to make her brave and confident, to make new friends and be active in the Hillcrest community. Through praying and reading the Bible frequently Yearim finds herself growing in her personal relationship with Jesus. She puts her faith in Christ knowing that God has a plan for her.

Yearim learned more about God on a school trip to Chicago. The trip visited a number of museums in Chicago and Kentucky. The Creation Museum was one of her favorite stops. "Creation Museum helped me a lot, I had no information about how God created the world and I did not know the process of how God created human beings," Yearim said. "I realized evolution was wrong and lots of information I got was wrong." She was amazed by how great God is and was excited to learn more about God. 

"I told my parents that I became a Christian but they laughed at me and did not took (sic) it seriously," said Yearim. "They think people need God because they are weak." Although Yearim did not find support from her parents, she did not lose her passion in knowing more about Jesus. Regardless of what her parents thought, she signed up for the Korean Bible camp in her sophomore year. 

In the Bible camp, Yearim repented that she did not believe in God, did not act like a Christian, and did not obey him or do anything for Him before. After learning more about Jesus through the camp, she realized that God accepts her and loves her no matter what she has done before. She also learned that God will always forgive her and will always be there when she needs him. During her time in Hillcrest, she overcame her fear of studying abroad, knowing that God will always be with her. She knows that nothing will discourage her because she will always have God in her heart.

Tiffany LuComment