Volunteers Raise Hillcrest's Program Above the Rest

God’s gifts never wear out or become outdated, they actually improve with time and experience. That is so evident in our emerging volunteer team at Hillcrest. Take, for example, these lovely ladies who come to us with vast life experiences and insight from decades of church work, nursing, parenting, and grand-parenting. The smiling faces of people like Marilyn Ewan and Grace Kvamme welcome students at the Comet Cafe--dispensing hot beverages and Skittles with equal parts wit and humor--providing a crucial element of companionship that spans generations.

Hillcrest Academy's campus is a bustle of activity during the school year. The campus never seems to sleep, as staff tend to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of students after regular school hours. In recent years the school has intentionally enhanced its program by offering more opportunity for students to connect with adults in mentor settings. The Comet Cafe volunteers are just one recent example of this 

Drop by  the Comet Cafe in the newly renovated Student Union and you'll do a double-take. Is that somebody’s grandma playing a game with students?  Are those parents selling treats behind the counter, dispensing treats along with easy banter and soul-filling conversation? Is that a local youth pastor helping a student with homework? There's a reason Hillcrest has focused on this.

Recent studies show that a student needs between 6-8 meaningful adult relationships to build a fortified faith and Christ centered self-image to propel him successfully into and through college; adults who are not assessing them for grades, athletic improvement, or any other exterior purpose but simply to listen, guide, and point them to Jesus by their words and lives.

Last year, Hillcrest launcheda club program to fpsterstudent-to-studentand student-to-adult interaction. The program was wildly successful, with 5 clubs expancingto over 10 this year. The recent installment of parents/grandparents and friends of HIllcrest as volunteer staff in the coffee shop during school hours is another endeavor designed to enhance these valuable relationships. Hillcrest is deliberate about building healthy connections  that will forge faith which will last a lifetime. Thisis one of many reasons ourschool continues to climb rankings of America’s top Christian Boarding Schools, currently ranking  in the top 30 schools in the nation,. The student-to-adult mentor programs are a significant component  Hillcrest utilizes as we to continue to build godly character into students.


Dawn SynstelienComment