Hillcrest Releases Impressive Numbers from Class of 2017

Last month Hillcrest staff received a letter from a 2017 graduate who is in the Naval Academy. Among the many thanks he plastered on Hillcrest staff in the letter, two notable comments reflect the unique preparation Hillcrest is giving students in the wake of releasing their 2017 graduate statistics.

The student started his letter detailing the many tasks he was completing while simultaneously writing his letter. He noted that HIllcrest's pace of life, with class time and homework, athletic practices, spiritual formation, and other activities occuring simultaneously, the student felt aptly prepared for the fast-paced life in his Naval Academy training.

The student wrote specific notes of thanks to his math and science instructors; saying that he was not looking forward to their classes his senior year, but the preparation he received has placed him a head above his classmates in the classroom. He also thanked his English instructor, whose discipline in writing with purpose in a timed format has enabled the student to progress through course work and material, allowing him to better communicate within the tight timeframes he is operating with in the Naval Academy. This student's preparation is a quick glimpse into the reality of HIllcrest's college and life preparation program.

Hillcrest graduated 55 students last year. 40 of those students are actively pursuing a four-year degree at universities ranging from Moody Bible Institute and the College of the Ozarks to Auburn, the University of North Carolina, and the Naval Academy. Students are exploring fields ranging from International relations and business management to radiology, theology and apologetics, and engineering. The total percentage of students who are currently enrolled in a four-year college program, pursuing college through a one year, two year, or four year program this year is 92% of the graduating class. Those enrolled in one and two-year programs are focusing on trade schooling in nursing and radiology, while others are in programs at art school or pursuing their associates degree at local community colleges. 

There are seven students exploring missions work, gap year programs, or taking a year to work before continuing further education. These programs are being completed at places like Inspiration Point Bible Camp's Check Point program and the World Race. 

These statistics reveal 96% of Hillcrest students are planning to attend two year or four year college programs, including students who are actively seeking direction through gap year programs. Hillcrest Academy continues to hear from students and parents alike that their school program is equipping students for college life, but more importantly to lead their life as students who know Jesus and are making Him known in the world.


Wayne StenderComment