Dissecting the School Theme

Students heard the value of a consistent, coherent, and complete view of the world as Principal Isaac and Wayne Stender teamed up to dissect the school theme.

Principal Isaac revealed that every student needs to address the question of what caused everything in the universe, going into the reason everything looks and appears structured and designed. Mr. Stender asked how the world views explain why things are broken in the world. Racism and power struggles are some of the palpable issues recently facing students that Mr. Stender used as examples of brokenness. Principal Isaac then asked how we fix these problems, and what humankind turns to in fixing and redeeming the brokenness of the world. Mr. Stender then closed by asking what we're working towards and why peace and harmony are sought after in worldviews that say the universe came to exist in chaos and order. In all of this, students heard a special presentation for why a Biblically-based view of the world makes sense.