Students Lead Students in Spiritual Formations Groups

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You can hear their singing down the hall on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. The doors to the chapel are propped a bit. That's where the sound escapes and rushes down the hallways. It’s a movement of the Spirit of God that is gracing Hillcrest three times per week before school begins.

The group is a sample of students at Hillcrest who are earnestly seeking the Lord. They come from Norway, Africa, Asia, and throughout the United States. For this year they are banding together as they grow in knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. They are finding purpose in Hillcrest’s program, namely the Huddle Groups.

“What are some temptations in your life? How do you respond to them?” A group of students look at the ground in thought. The leader leans in. He was in the chapel earlier this morning praying and singing with other students. Now he is leading a huddle group through a study on knowledge and self-control.

If you sat near this group earlier you could’ve heard them reading Luke 4. It might have been difficult to hear, because there were nine other groups following the lesson nearly in unison.

A few students were taking notes on the questions. The leader called it a story board. In the middle of the sheet of paper was a hexagon that held the theme verses for the study, “Add to goodness knowledge, and to knowledge self-control.” The story board filled-in with definitions of knowledge and self-control. Concepts from Proverbs 1:7, 1 Corinthians 9:25, and James 3:17 were scribbled on the left hand side of the sheet. The story board acted like a funnel for the studies. Guidance from the Bible shaped answers for the opening questions. The final round of inquiry for the study had the ten groups in the Chapel sitting in silence.

“What are some of the temptations you struggle with?” Some students wrote feverishly. Others sat in thoughtful silence.

The quietness broke in the final two questions. “What is something you learned in Today’s lesson that can help you when you are tempted?” Some groups asked each person to contribute. Other groups directed students to write their responses.

In closing their time together the groups folded their hands. Prayers from the leaders hung in the air as the group closed out the study. Huddle groups have met nearly every month at Hillcrest. They are focused spiritual formations groups, led by student leaders, guided by Hillcrest’s Chapel Coordinator, driving students to practice meeting together in focused Bible study and prayer.

Wayne StenderComment