Hillcrest Selected for National Worldview Training Program

"Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have victims." Pens feverishly scribbled on paper that read 'Colson Center for Christian Worldview' in a bold header. Dr. Bill Brown from the Colson Center offered a specialized inservice  to the nearly fifty faculty and staff in Hillcrest's kick-off meetings last week. Dr. Brown is the director of the Colson Fellows. Hillcrest is one of three schools participating in a special worldview training pilot program for Christian schools led by the Colson Center.

The Charles Colson Center for Christian Worldview is a culture analysis and training group. It emerged from years of teaching and training by the late Charles Colson. In a passionate move to equip diplomats, business leaders, and pastors to see the world through a Biblical lens, Colson created a mentoring program called the Centurions. Following Colson's death in 2012 the program relaunched as the Colson Fellows Program. Hillcrest is participating in a pilot program to bring Colson Fellows training to academic institutions. Hillcrest was selected for their renowned Biblical integration in their school community and classrooms.

Twenty-five people from Hillcrest's staff, faculty, and administration are embarking on the two year Colson Fellows program. Hillcrest staff not only receive training from the Colson Fellows, but will provide important feedback as the Colson Center works to hone their training program for schools and churches around the nation. The other schools selected for the pilot program are located in North Carolina and Texas. Both have over one thousand students. This year Hillcrest will enroll 180. Of the three schools, Hillcrest has the largest number of participants with twenty-five. The other schools will enroll seventeen people combined.

Dr. Brown is visiting the three schools before they launch the program. He selected Hillcrest first, enjoying two days in the Fergus Falls community. After connecting with Hillcrest administration over Union Avenue Pizza and an afternoon lunch at Mabel Murphy's, Dr. Brown saw the unique opportunity students have at Hillcrest. Dr. Brown mentioned the specific mentoring environment at Hillcrest as a significant strength, noting that the international flavor of Hillcrest Academy provides a solid platform to talk about worldviews and the Christian perspective. 

Dr. Brown is the former president of Cedarville University. His presence at Hillcrest's inservice last week was not only to plug the Colson Fellows program, but to also give a specific teaching to the inservice. Under the backdrop of Hillcrest's theme banner that read "Practice makes Purpose", Dr. Brown laid out the three major categories every worldview falls within, highlighting how worldview training might be incorrectly applied if it misses the heart of the Biblical story to communicate a path to restoration found in Jesus Christ.

Hillcrest will launch their training with the Colson Fellows in September, using this month to onboard the staff to the learning platforms. The group will meet bi-monthly, connecting to pinpoint how they integrate a Biblical perspective in every aspect of their position. Hillcrest's office staff, registrar, and school nurse are joining President Hoganson, Principal Isaac, and the resident life staff with the faculty members in the specialized training that will touch every facet of the Hillcrest experience.

When the program concludes in the spring of 2020 Hillcrest will celebrate graduating their 100th class. With this milestone Hillcrest's faculty and staff will receive commissioning as Colson Fellows, having completed their course work and communicated a comprehensive way they integrate the Biblical perspective into their areas of influence at Hillcrest Academy.

Wayne StenderComment