We want your stories of Hillcrest staff. Tell us of a Hillcrest teacher who gave you Christ-like attention, a Hillcrest dean who mentored you, or a kitchen worker or front office person who helped you during your time at HLA.

These stories will frame a special publication commemorating what the Lord is doing through our graduates. Next year the 100th graduating class will sing on the front steps and throw their caps in celebration after their years of mentorship by Hillcrest staff. We want to honor the Lord with a special publication that pays tribute to our staff and honors their commitment to the Lord.


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Your story may be used in our upcoming publication “20 for 20”. The class of 2020 marks our 100th graduating class. Your stories will undergird a commemorative publication.

In our publication we will print 20 stories of Hillcrest teachers who made an impact on their students. 5 stories will be from teachers whose stories galvanized the characteristics of a Hillcrest instructor. They include E.M. Broen, William and Agnes Windahl, C.F. and Leona Erickson, Alfred Bridston, and Martha Kilen. The remaining fifteen instructors will be decided by you.

Cast your votes to the right, and feel free to leave a message or story that speaks to why you chose the people you did.