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One of the lesser known facts of parenting is that you never stop being one. You will always be your kid’s mom or dad. That said, it can be hard to move from directing their life to shaping their flourishing. It is imperative for your student’s development that you give them space to practice what you’ve said.


At Hillcrest we call this moving from caretaker to coach. We see ourselves as a primary support for parents, never replacing parents, but helping them navigate the teenage years well. This navigation includes walking alongside students and parents during the high school years for faith formation.


As students move to college they need space to practice making decisions. Most college settings don’t necessarily care about the decisions students make regarding their faith. No college program is going to help your student practice getting up for church on Sunday morning, reading their Bible daily, and even how they should interact with the opposite sex in a respectful manner. Students need to practice these things in an environment that teaches them God’s design and correct way of living, so they build healthy habits that will guide their flourishing. The intimate mentor setting at Hillcrest provides an opportunity for mom and dad to simply coach, with Hillcrest staff helping students practice right thinking and right practices that are built on the Bible and mom and dad’s foundation. It’s important in your students faith formation that you shift from caretaker to coach. Supports to do this with you, like youth groups, Christian high schools, or Hillcrest Academy, make this transition a bit easier and help your student see consistency in Christianity.