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At Hillcrest we are desperately concerned that students develop an understanding, love, and commitment to the church. Institutions are incubators for practice. Students develop muscles and learn to navigate community inside institutions. That said, Hillcrest seeks to be a guiding institution that pushes students toward faith formation, and ultimately service and engagement in the church. It is important that as you place your student in institutions that develop muscles for faith. The main institution students are in right now are schools, which can often stand in opposition to faith formation. It is imperative that your student is familiar and comfortable inside faith-forming institutions.


As you build the faith of your student you need to find whole institutions, institutions that address the entire person: body, soul, and mind. As Christians, we need to seek institutions that address the whole person for the enhancement and glorification of Christ. In many ways, this is the church, but sometimes your local church may be difficult to plug into for young people. We haven’t made it easy for young people to receive Christian leadership training, especially with how busy students are. Church is often left on the cutting room floor as students cut out things from their calendars as they organize life. This is detrimental to their faith formation. 


It is important for you to find institutions that will give your student opportunities to lead, struggle, and fail with consistent Christian mentorship. Hillcrest is one of many places that specialize in Christian leadership training. Make places like this a time priority for your family.