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The studies are in and mentors are the thing. No matter what Christian research group you read, the resounding call from all of them is students need meaningful mentors to build a life-long faith. Family involvement, church participation, and tradition aren’t enough, according to the research. At Hillcrest we do assessments of the student body to ensure that students have six meaningful mentors either in the dormitory or during their school day. These are  people the student feels are walking through life with them in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. So, where do you find these people?


Naturally, kids spend at least 35 hours per week at school. School accounts for the majority of their waking time during their most important psychological and sociological development phase. They’re building their framework of the world and how they’re going to live within it. That means that the habits, thinking processes, and loves students  build during these years will be there for the rest of their life. So, who your kids find as mentors during this time is very  important to their faith formation. 


It is important for you, then, to put your kids around people who love the Lord and have an active faith. They will naturally pick mentors from school because of the sheer amount of time they spend there. So, if you want to build faith in your kids you’ll need to make sure they’re around people who value faith, and studies show it needs to be around six meaningful non-parent adults. Take a look at their school, do they have people who model faith for them? Education is a transfer of a way of living, that’s what we believe at Hillcrest, so all of our staff are hired because of how they live, which informs how they teach.