Hillcrest Leads Hope LBC in Worship During Choir Tour

After a day in God's creation the choir connected with friends of Hillcrest at Hope Church and led them to worship. Stepping outside the normal tour attire, Hillcrest organized a renovated program that led the church to the cross and saw the congregation raising hands in adoration of Jesus.

The service started with students in jeans and t-shirts approaching the stage. Pastor Marty Valder welcomed the congregation sharing a few insights from his days at Hillcrest. Director Heidi Jahr stepped on her platform as Pastor Marty closed his opening prayer. Raising her hands in the air led the students attention to focus on the director, who started the students into their first song. Following four numbers from the choir, the intermission began with Senior Micah Jones sharing his testimony.

Micah finds significance in the consistent love of God. He shared a tumultuous time for his famiy when his sister was found to have a tumor that impacted her brain. Micah shared the difficulties a young boy faces when parents are wrestling through treatments and procedures done to children. Lonliness and a feeling of injustice plagued Micah, whose parents and grandparents clinged to Christ during the difficulty. This consistent modeling gave Micah confidence that God was not far from those that suffer.

As Micah closed the Jazz choir ascended the stage. After two numbers, the choir vacated the stage as Kara Nash stepped forward. Kara shared her story for the second time on the tour. Drawing out the difficult story of her father's passing at the hands of cancer left Kara more pensive the second time around. She recalled a song the Jazz Choir sang where the lyrics speak to God never leaving students alone. Kara closed her testimony saying, "we shouldn't ask God why bad things happen. We should wonder why God allows good things to happen." Kara identified that sin plagues the world and bad things are the result of sin, not God. But he chooses to let good things happen. 

Kara's testimony ushered members of the choir to lead a time of worship for the entire church. Rising to their feet at the strumming of the guitar, the congregation sang with the choir to four contemporary praise songs. As hands lifted in adoration of Jesus Hillcrest students sang loudly with the members of Hope church, leading the congregation to worship the Creator.

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