Hillcrest Shares Music with Bothell High School, Joins Mission at Marysville

An early morning trip through Seattle delivered Hillcrest to Bothell high school. Their time sharing in music led to a great time sharing the mission of Hillcrest with friends at Word of Life in Marysville.

Hillcrest's students walked confidently into Mrs. Sheri Erickson's concert choir classroom. The Hillcrest Alumn is planning to travel to Hillcrest this May to celebrate her reunion. She oversaw the classroom for Ms. Jahr's student teaching. Mrs. Erickson invited Hillcrest to ascend the risers and sing a few selections for the Bothell students. As Hillcrest discussed their selections they discovered that Bothell arranged at least two numbers that are the same as Hillcrest. Mrs. Erickson's choir joined Hillcrest on the risers and sang a few numbers. 

Following the joint choral experience Hillcrest saw their newly made Bothell friends descend to classroom chairs. Mrs. Jahr led her choir through a few numbers that drew smiles and a round of applause from the audience. The two choirs then passed eachother, with Hillcrest taking the seats and Bothell rising to the platform. A sort of "choir wars" emerged as the two choirs picked favorite selections that drew respect and led to thirty minutes of introductions and sharing as the two choirs awaited the 9:30am bell.

Hillcrest then traveled to Deception Pass where they saw freshwater rivers meet with the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. After an afternoon of hiking the group quickly found a coffee shop before joining Word of Life in Marysville, Washington for their Master's Feast homeless ministry.

Hillcrest students sat at tables spread throughout the fellowship hall at Word of Life. Sitting near them were men with tattered flannel shirts and women with children enjoying the meal. Stories shared caused the meal to go by quickly. Weather-worn hands moved gracefully as men spoke more with their hands than their lips recalling some exciting stories from their past. Hillcrest students shared their Washington experiences with their newly made friends as young girls huddled next to Hillcrest students who asked about school, a new bracelet, and favotire music. As the dinner waned the Choir arose to sing for the group. A "pre-concert concert" that drew rounds of hoots and hollars as the audience showed appreciation for the service the students provided and the music they shared with their new friends.

The Choir transitioned to their concert attire for their full concert presentation in Marysville. Hillcrest senior Shelly Choi gathered her Bible and nervously talked with friends at the door. She was set to share her testimony in the concert. She had already shared her testimony once during the tour, but this time she had friends in the audience. 

As intermission began Shelly rose from her seat to conduct the interview-style testimony presentation. She started by sharing the athiestic tradition prevalent in most Chinese homes. Drawing reference from her mysterious church attendance, Shelly communicated how she moved to the United States and attended Hillcrest. During her time at Hillcrest worship fridays greatly shaped her understanding of God. In a miraculous spiritual experience Shelly placed her faith in Jesus Christ.

As the choir closed the concert they packed bags and readied to visit their host homes. The next day they would travel to the Ice Caves before a worship-style concert at Hope Church of Silver Lake in Everett, Washington.

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