Hillcrest Shares with Rock of Ages

Hillcrest students visited one of the cornerstone churches in the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. They gazed over the horizon from Phinney Ridge to see Green Lake and mountains in the background. The picturesque landscape was the setting for another of their highlighted concerts on their 8 day tour through the Pacific Northwest. 

The group arrived at the church and immediately took to the parking lot to play frisbee and soak in the sun following their snowy drive over the Rocky Mountains. Following a mid-morning walk through Queen Anne, the choir visited Ms. Jahr's former choral professor and his concert choir class. Now the group stood on top of Phinney ridge looking over Green Lake with mountains completing the landscape picture. They gathered for a short walk to The Ridge Pizza, that would be their dinner stop prior to their concert that evening.

As the group gathered in the basement of Rock of Ages Mr. Jahr turned pages in his Bible. Walking through group through Luke's presentation of Holy Week, Mr. Jahr closes their devotional time together by highlighting the groups mission in presenting Christ through music. The group gathered at the door, lining-up in pairs that would remain tight as they marched two flights of stairs, down a hallway, and onto the platform in the sanctuary for their concert. 

During the intermission Hillcrest Senior JeeHoon Park shared his testimony. Highlighting his upbringing in a Christian home, Park highlighted the consistent reinforcement of his parent's belief at Hillcrest. He called attention to his friend, J.K. Lee, who recently confessed his faith in Jesus Christ after wrestling out the necessity and logic for God, and that God being Jesus Christ. Park closed highlighting how life-changing his experience at Hillcrest as been.

The choir traveled to host homes, gathering needed sleep for their upcoming trip to Bothell high school and Deception Pass.