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Wayne Stender

Marketing, Journalism, Yearbook

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Advanced Photography/Videography



Wayne attended Christian schooling from kindergarten through 12th grade. During his six years at Hillcrest, Wayne developed a love for the Bible, namely how and who it was written to. 

Wayne was part of Hillcrest's first website classes in the 1990s, feeling called into media creation throughout his high school years as he took a series of professional courses in radio production. 

After Hillcrest, Wayne ventured on a mission calling to Seattle to work at Rock of Ages Lutheran Brethren Church as an outreach facilitator. He then moved back to Fergus Falls to help Hillcrest begin a mission program while he attended Northwestern College Online to complete his undergraduate degrees in Global Studies and Intercultural Ministries.

Wayne met his wife, Nancy (Archibald) Stender, while working at Hillcrest, and the two started a ministry office at Hillcrest that has evolved into a mission program. As the two continued working in the dormitories, Wayne felt called to continue his development in media, signing on to World Magazine's World Journalism Institute. 

Wayne has been published in World, also being tasked in photography and videography for various outlets including and His studies also opened opportunities to attend the Colson Centurions Program, where Wayne was mentored by John Stonestreet and Chuck Colson for a year. 

Wayne speaks on worldview and culture issues throughout the United States and Canada, also doing various video and photo projects as he continues to stay on top of the latest trends in communication. 

Wayne builds his classroom as a professional experience, giving students the confidence and ability to become a freelance photographer, videographer, and writer by the time they complete his course. A number of Wayne's students are currently serving as editors for various online publications, while others are exploring freelance options and leading church media departments.

Wayne believes that the greatest media makes people, situations, and problems human.

"God made us in his image to create and reflect his good and perfect design. We have the opportunity to reflect His image and humanize in our writing, picture taking, and video making, or we can choose to dehumanize ourselves by celebrating a design that is opposed to God. My goal at Hillcrest is to help students see that the world needs God, and their communication can create a conduit for God to speak."