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Everyone builds faith in something. There is a trust in thoughts, processes, and histories, among other things, that are built in schools. It is dangerous to think that a person might build faith in school. The question is, who or what are they building faith in through their ~35 hours per week of study? 

At Hillcrest, we train students to have well formed faith that considers the revealed truths in the world, finding reference and purpose for those truths in the foundation of the Bible, God's inerrant and revealed word to humankind. Hillcrest students learn that faith often carries many assumptions, and the most dangerous ideas aren't the ones being argued, but the ones assumed.

Students at Hillcrest are equipped with thinking tools that help them process information as they consider their future plans in college, marriage, the workforce, and beyond. Our benchmark isn't what kind of 18 year-old graduates from our school, but how the 28 year old is living after graduating from Hillcrest ten years earlier.

Hillcrest uses classroom rigor to challenge students to consider how an intricately designed world, with structures in mathematics, chemistry and physics laws, artistic modes, language structures, and many other designed elements of the world could exist without God. Forming a need for their be an intelligent designer, Hillcrest's classes build a comprehensive presentation that the world needs a savior to redeem the brokenness of the world. Through Bible classes, chapel services, prayer days, spiritual formations weeks, mentor focuses outside of the classroom, and small group Bible studies Hillcrest students build a faith in Jesus Christ that is living and robust.

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Developing intellect involves more than teaching for a test. At Hillcrest we believe that intellect involves digesting. Students will spend a great deal of time wrestling through big issues at Hillcrest, working in a dialog-based classroom setting to express their ideas, have those ideas critiqued in a loving Christ-centered classroom, and reformulate thoughts and patterns that aligned to truth and the revealed world as understood from a Biblically-based perspective.

Students at Hillcrest take advanced placement courses alongside college offerings with Christian teachers mentoring them. It is common for Hillcrest teachers to pause students in the middle of secular texts, calling students to know what the test will ask while at the same time calling students to align their thinking to Biblical principles. At Hillcrest we prepare Christian students to lovingly communicate with the world, knowing the world might not understand the beauty and wholeness of the Christian perspective. Students at Hillcrest build a good base to engage a secular world with the truth of the Gospel using their intellect.

With faith being built, Hillcrest DEVELOPS INTELLECT in students. Students understand God's character more deeply and intimately through Bible courses. Bible study continues in every academic discipline, giving context to English, Mathematics, History, Language study, the Arts, and much more, as students understand God's design.

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In Hillcrest's community where faith formation and academic enhancement are regularly happening, students live together in close-knit community. Consistent interactions in the classroom and dormitory communities open opportunities for Hillcrest to STRENGTHEN CHARACTER, where successes and failures shape students in a Biblically-based environment. 

At Hillcrest we think it is imperative that assumptions are challenged.  in At Hillcrest Lutheran Academy we look to our heritage as a Lutheran school. Martin Luther commented, "I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount.  Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt...I am much afraid that schools will prove to be the great of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth."

At Hillcrest our students use their Bible as their first textbook to lead them to understand the world. We pride ourselves on Biblical teaching and instruction which leads into our 3 tiered expression of life found at Hillcrest.


Live at Hillcrest

Life at Hillcrest is much more than homework and classes. Our mission is to train our students to live a life of significance found in Jesus Christ. That's why Hillcrest provides countless opportunities for spiritual, social, and physical development outside the classroom. It is a place where students are learning to live out their faith in every avenue of life.

Structured in the Hillcrest program are prayer days, challenging chapel speakers, regular times of praise & worship, bible studies, community and international missions and plenty of leisure activitIes throughout the year.

The diversity of cultures on Hillcrest campus is unique and exciting. Students come from all over the world. Hillcrest has an uncommon ability to integrate local, national, and international students into a dynamic student body. This wide array of cultural exposure serves to enrich the Hillcrest experience for every student.


Learn at Hillcrest

Hillcrest regards the Bible as absolute truth. This perspective allows us to teach classes with a biblical worldview. Whether students are studying history, biology, calculus or choir, all teachers at Hillcrest approach their subjects with the Bible as their primary textbook.

Our instructors help students to see what God’s word has to say about each subject they study. Teachers will challenge students to think and act like a Christian, equipping them with the tools to successfully navigate college life.

Outside of the traditional high school curriculum, Hillcrest offers a rigorous Honors program highlighted by AP courses in math, history, english and art. If students are musicians or artists, Hillcrest is a place where they’ll feel right at home. Hillcrest boasts a strong liberal arts program with multiple opportunities for students to improve in their musicianship or artistic craft. Courses are offered in choral, small group ensemble, concert band, jazz band and visual arts with exposure to ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, multimedia and graphic design.

In addition to our traditional music program are opportunities to play and lead in several Hillcrest praise bands. We realize that the trend of musicianship within the church is growing, and to encourage this we have established a Worship Arts program. Students will get a chance to work on musicianship, organize a worship service and understand what scripture teaches about worship.


Go out from Hillcrest

The Hillcrest experience gives each student the opportunity to encounter the living Christ on a regular basis. At Hillcrest we realize that not everyone is called to missions overseas, but everyone is called to live a missional life. Our goal is to prepare students to live out that calling in whatever occupation they choose.

Students have plenty of practical opportunities to experience both local and cross-cultural missions. They are encouraged to step beyond their comfort zone and prepare for a life of significance.

Hillcrest dorm and student life will strengthen student's social skills, preparing them to function in a diverse world. Hillcrest academic life will strengthen their mind, preparing them to succeed among fierce competition. Hillcrest spiritual life will strengthen their confidence, preparing them to bring Christ to a lost world.