Worship Arts Brings Music Ministry Into Backyards

Hillcrest's worship arts program has sent students around the world to lead their churches in worship. Through Friday worship chapels students gain experience organizing a worship service every week, working to direct attention to Jesus Christ through music. Throughout the year students experience opportunities to lead worship in area churches, extending the ministry and training outside of Hillcrest's halls. These experiences push students to consider other avenues to lead worship, which has included hosting a community wide worship night and outdoor worship events. 

Hillcrest's Perspective on Worship

Students at Hillcrest are trained in leading worship services. These services equip them to serve and participate in their local church and community in leading them in the proclamation of God's Word through music.

Hillcrest believes that worship includes the proclamation of the Word, stirring hearts, minds, and souls in music acclamation, giving opportunities to respond to the truth of God's word as it is encountered in their daily lives.

Hillcrest meets three times per week for chapel, having a worship time at least once per week. In this full school assembly students lead a time of singing and acclamation of God through shared testimonies, scripture reading, and prayer that join in with the music leading in worship. 

It is Hillcrest's belief that the study of God's Word is a transformational process. As God's Word is studied in every class at Hillcrest, the Chapel time offers students one of many avenues of response in adoration, thanksgiving, and praise. 


Worship Highlights


2016 Living Room Worship

worship night outdoor team backs_.jpg

Students Lead Outdoor Worship Event

The musicians are not alone but joined by dozens of teenagers. They join all creation to praise the Creator in this perfect setting to begin the Lord’s Day. READ MORE>>

Worship Night at Hillcrest