The value of a biblically-based classroom

Your child’s high school education is the most important investment you will make. In high school students begin to reinforce and challenge the way they were taught to see the world. This means they will engage ideas of how to approach life. The faith background of their training, celebrating a Biblical or secular perspective, will generally guide the foundational truths that they will build their thoughts, actions, and general habits that will guide them the rest of their lives.

Hillcrest has 100 years of training students to live lives of eternal significance. We employ time-tested methods that form students’ ability to understand grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Many of Hillcrest’s classes rest on a Classical Christian model in training students to think. These methods produced the greatest thinkers, leaders, and scientists in the Western world, from the time of the Greeks until the late 19th century, including America’s founding fathers.

In each course Hillcrest seeks to highlight interdependence in academic disciplines. It is common to hear Hillcrest students say their History class is like a Bible class, their Bible class is like an English course, and their English class is like a History class. Hillcrest integrates literature, history, language, art, mathematics, and science in a routine and seamless way in most classes. In these courses students build muscles of logic and wisdom to be expressed through well-crafted rhetoric.

Is classical Christian education still relevant? Yes, more now than ever. Our world is accelerating as technological, cultural, and geo-political forces reshape our daily lives. The subject matter and skills required in the market are evolving and changing rapidly. However, thinking, articulate people are always in demand. Those who are able to acquire new skills rapidly and independently are sought after regardless of the field. Classical Christian education has a proven track record of turning out these types of students.

The focus of the hillcrest learning community

Education is most effective when it rises above simply conveying fact. Effective education cultivates thinking, driving students to articulate clear and persuasive arguments that hold foundation in God’s ordered design evident in the world. This means the greatest textbook studied is the Bible, because from it all other study finds form, function, and origin. In breaking the world down into individual subjects students are able to focus on various aspects of God’s divine creativity. Students are challenged to not only

Ideas Have Consequence

Ideas have consequences! Good ideas have good consequences and bad ideas produce bad consequences. That may be obvious, but unfortunately, history is full of examples where that simple truth is violated over and over again to the harm and destructions of many.  “What we understand about God and the world affects what we believe about everything else, including the types of arguments we find persuasive and how we justify our actions.”

In Romans 12:2 Paul writes, “Do not conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is acceptable and perfect.” The world’s patterns are different from God’s patterns. “To understand then what God wants, we must identify the pattern of the world, refuse to conform to it, and be transformed into a God pleasing pattern of living.”

Ideas Spread Like Viruses

A pattern of ideas is called a worldview. It's the perspective one holds that shapes their beliefs, habits, and convictions that help make sense of God, the world, and their relationship to God and the world. It’s been said that people get their beliefs like they catch colds - by being around other people. In the 1950s a professor at Yale University named William McGuire developed a theory about how people come to embrace the ideas they find compelling. His insights can help us understand how we and others might come to adopt good ideas and oppose bad ones.

McGuire theorized that ideas are very much like a virus, spreading from person to person. In our fallen and increasingly indiscriminate culture, bad ideas lamentably take root more easily than good ones. Thus, an effective leader must play a dangerous game: he must engage not only in building up good ideas but also rooting out the bad ones. How is it possible to do this without being incurably infected by the very ideas he hopes to stand opposed?

Medical research has demonstrated that the human body could develop immunity to disease through the process of inoculation, introducing the body a weakened form of a virus to give the body’s natural defense mechanism time to build resistance to it.

McGuire found that the same theory held true for resisting bad ideas.

An Update from President Hoganson

There’s a special value in Hillcrest that can only be told in the lives of our students. That’s what I’ve seen in my first year as President. I’ve heard from 80-year-old alumni how Hillcrest changed their lives while also hearing testimony after testimony from our 2018 graduates who share that God not only transformed their lives through Hillcrest, but He has also enhanced the lives of their families through what students learn at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. God uses Hillcrest in special ways.


We have more than forty new students set to become Comets next year. Our target is sixty new students. I am witnessing God calling us to a wider group of families who are seeking a reasoned Christian worldview training within a grace-based and Christ-centered theology. We house an incredible tradition and teaching in our halls, and we are working to break down barriers to share it with the world. Your financial support of Hillcrest not only opens doors for students to hear the Gospel, but it propels changed students back to home churches and communities. Please consider supporting the Hillcrest Fund as we close out our fiscal year.

Grace and peace,

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Student Stories | Ashley Jarvi ‘18

Ashley Jarvi.jpg

One night I snuck out of the house and my parents found out. I had prayed that night to not get caught, but that God, a god, somewhere, would change my life. The day after getting caught my parents asked me what they should do with me. I said, ‘Send me to boarding school.’ I don’t know why I said that.

My life was kind of falling apart. I was getting into a lot of trouble. My mom took my not-well-thought-out suggestion about boarding school to heart and found Hillcrest. I was really far from God, but my parents weren’t really Christians, though.

I went in to tour Hillcrest the start of my sophomore year. Three days after my tour I was moving in to the dorms. It was already welcome week. In two days I would start school. I wasn’t a Christian, I wasn’t living for the Lord, but everyone here was. I remember being amazed that everyone was holding the door for me and showing me kindness and love. I’d never seen this at school before.

Through my time at Hillcrest I was able to hear the Gospel and have mentors and find salvation. And literally, Hillcrest brought that into my life. Without Hillcrest I probably would’ve never found Christ. 

Through my Spanish teacher, Mr. Quam, I was connected with his wife, Paula. We started a Bible study together and she started mentoring me. She started telling me about Jesus. She started telling me that my life wasn’t about me, but about Jesus. I didn’t realize that my life wasn’t about me. It was really hard for me to admit the things of my past, how I treated people and stole from people, but she helped me realize the love of God. I had a unexplainable peace when I discovered God’s love. I really needed a fresh start, and that’s what Jesus gave me at Hillcrest.

Jesus is seeping into my family now. My mom and dad starting going to church after I was at Hillcrest, and now they’re taking parenting classes to figure out how to care for me and my siblings. My mom is working at a homeless shelter now. It’s just crazy how God has changed our lives. Hillcrest is such a big part of our story of redemption.

God is continuing to shape and mold me. Through my time at Hillcrest I definitely grew comfortable with my own faith, spending my own time with God and not really going outside of that. But now I feel God calling me to go out and share my story, of how he has redeemed and restored me in Christ. I had the opportunity to practice this on the Dominican Mission trip and in our Evangelism Club trip to Minneapolis where we shared our faith with people on the light rail.

I am in awe of what God has done in my life through Hillcrest. We are new people made whole by God’s love and forgiveness that we found during my time at Hillcrest Academy.

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Club Giving

You can help support the annual fund of Hillcrest Academy by joining one of the giving clubs at the $120, $500, $1000 $2500, $5000 or $10000 level.

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Club members become partners in the ministry of Hillcrest Academy by helping to support the school's annual operational budget. As a result, they assist in keeping tuition rates low, making a Hillcrest education attainable for more students. Additionally, member support helps to secure Hillcrest's financial foundation into the future, ensuring that it will remain able to provide quality, Christian education for years to come. There is no limit to the term of your enrollment provided your continued desire to participate in the club each year. As personal circumstances change, club members may opt to move up to a new giving level.

Every club member will enjoy the following annual benefits:

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HLA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Established

A scholarship endowment to assist students has been established. Reunion classes have opportunity to contribute to this endowment. This endowment will be supported by HLA alumni, with scholarships from this endowment to be awarded. Thank you to all alumni classes who will contribute to this very worthy cause.


Hayley Filippini Memorial Endowment

Hayley said Hillcrest was her favorite place to be in the entire world. During her two years at Hillcrest she made countless friends and directed hundreds to Jesus through her testimony. Hayley passed away December 9, 2016 after a battle with Cancer. Her classmates created a named endowment to remember Hayley, someone who loved Hillcrest, by providing an avenue for others to attend through financial scholarship.




Student Testimonies / Endowment explained

Hayley's classmates loved her. Hayley's personality and genuine love for Jesus made an impact that isn't forgotten. Hear what they had to say, and understand why they created this endowment in her memory.

Hear Hayley

Hayley's testimony

The videos above and below are two testimonies Hayley gave months before she passed away. Hear how close she was to Jesus, how her heart was molded by her relationship to Christ, and how her words compelled her brothers and sisters to greater faith in Jesus Christ.

Hayley at the q-conference

Hayley gave a perspective of her experience at Hillcrest to a group gathered to celebrate the community she made at the Castle. Listen to the impact the Hillcrest community made on Hayley as she interacted with friends, staff, and faculty as she grew in her relationship with God.

Hayley Filippini
Memorial Endowment

Hayley continuously gave testimonies of the love of Jesus Christ.

Hayley left a significant mark on her friends and classmates during her two years at Hillcrest. Consider joining those who knew her well to fund an endowment to make Hillcrest a reality for others.

The Diane Ihrke Memorial Fund

(Left to Right) Zeke, Diane, and Sam in their most recent Christmas card picture.

(Left to Right) Zeke, Diane, and Sam in their most recent Christmas card picture.

Diane Ihrke passed away Wednesday, March 22, 2017. She worked many years in Hillcrest Academy's resident life program, functioning as a school nurse, women's dean, and women's resident life director. Days before her passing she was serving Hillcrest students fresh baked bread and having mentor conversations with the girls. She adopted two sons who are now Hillcrest students. Her sons are now living with close friends of Diane. This account will immediately support the tuition for Sam and Zeke, Diane's adopted sons, as they continue their education at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.


Diane Ihrke has had many roles at Hillcrest Academy. Her care was noted by many who received health advice when she was a school nurse. Her work in the dormitories saw many students transform bad habits, finding Scripture on Diane's tongue as she worked to correct behaviors so students more accurately represented the faith they professed. Most recently Diane worked with the dormitories in creating cooking nights where she taught students to make home cooked meals, replete with fresh baked bread, making Hillcrest feel like home.

Diane with her cooking team at Hillcrest Dessert Night competition. Diane's team won.

Diane with her cooking team at Hillcrest Dessert Night competition. Diane's team won.


Diane loved community. She worked to build a place, both in her home and at Hillcrest Academy, that valued all people. She adopted two babies, now young men, and worked to establish a community of young men and women around her family. She was a trailblazer in the realm of courageous love in the community of Fergus Falls, known by all as someone who was concerned about how others felt, making sure there was a continuous community that supported those around her.

Diane baking bread with dorm students for one of the many Dorm Bread Baking parties.

Diane baking bread with dorm students for one of the many Dorm Bread Baking parties.


Following Diane's passing, her two teenage sons transitioned to family friends who Diane desired to raise her sons should anything happen. In this tragedy, the boys are finding support from the Fergus Falls and Hillcrest community as they grieve and continue with their schooling. It is the desire of the boys to attend Hillcrest Academy, so the Hillcrest board of directors established a fund for people seeking to support Sam and Zeke during this time. Donations designated to the Diane Ihrke Memorial Fund are tax deductible, and will go to the immediate and future schooling expenses for Zeke while he attends Hillcrest Academy. Through the generous support of friends of Hillcrest, Sam graduated in 2018 with his tuition account paid in full.

Diane Ihrke Bread and Jam Dash
April 27, 2019 | 7am packet pick-up - 9am Start

17439649_10158646320950347_87471644_n (1).jpg

Remembering Diane

Nearly 100 people lined the hallways of Essentia Hospital in Fargo, North Dakota on Sunday, March 19th. Diane Ihrke experienced health complications during the night and was transported to an intensive care unit before Hillcrest families woke for church. After Sunday’s sermon, families and students ventured from Hillcrest to spend time with Diane’s family, notably her two teenage sons, Sam and Zeke.

Over the proceeding 96 hours, friends from far and wide walked into Diane’s hospital room to hold her hand, sing praise songs, and say tear-filled goodbyes. With hymns playing the background, drowning out the sound of breathing machines, Diane breathed her last breath in the company of friends and family on March 21, 2017.

Diane was a Hillcrest cheerleader who never wore the uniform. During her days in Bible School she nursed football players back to health and mentored high school students to see that God has a sense of humor, and desperately cares for their needs. 

Later in life Diane adopted two boys, Sam and Zeke. From the time the boys were brought home they were surrounded by Hillcrest students. Diane would have the athletes over for bread and jam, watching Sam and Zeke play nerf basketball and wrestle with the Comets. She would eventually join the resident life staff, taking on the role of head dean. Her sons followed her to the dorms, instantly gaining siblings in Hillcrest students who spent cherished times with Sam and Zeke as Diane built a strong semblance of home in the dormitories.

As the boys grew Diane took other positions in the community, moving into a house that was often filled with Hillcrest students seeking fresh bread and jam. Diane would later find time to mentor Hillcrest girls, often hosting baking parties as she used food to break the ice and drive students to a deeper understanding of God’s love.

Diane led Hillcrest’s baking club this past year, winning first prize with her team in the first annual Hillcrest dessert competition. She baked bread periodically for sunday meals at the dorm, drawing boys and girls into the kitchen to laugh and learn as bread dough was kneaded, rollled, and baked around friendship. 

When Diane passed away Sam and Zeke transitioned to the home of Kate and Josh Haus. Kate worked in the dormitory with Diane in 2005. Kate and Josh have three kids of their own, all in grade school. Through some quick remodel projects while Sam was on choir tour, Kate and Josh have set up a bedroom for the boys in their home, working through the legal process to transfer their adoption. 

It is the desire of Sam and Zeke to graduate from Hillcrest, the school that their mom continually worked to build a family-oriented community at. In honoring of Sam and Zeke’s wishes, knowing it was the desire of Diane for the boys to continue at Hillcrest, the Board of Directors at Hillcrest has established a special account to pay for Sam and Zeke’s tuition. Their 2017 school year has been paid in full thanks to generous donors. We invite you to consider supporting Sam and Zeke as they carry on their mother’s legacy, building community at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

The Bread and Jam Dash is a fundraiser inspired by the memory of Diane Ihrke. Diane was a Hillcrest parent and supporter. Her sacrifices to enable her children to attend Hillcrest inspired her boys, Sam and Zeke, to want to raise funds for other families to attend Hillcrest. Diane found Hillcrest a place where transformation can take place for high school students. She created a warm and loving home that many students enjoyed fresh baked bread and strawberry freezer jam while receiving mentorship. After her passing in March her legacy continues. Sam and Zeke want to create a memorial endowment, using the Bread and Jam Dash to fund the account, for other students to experience the love and joy of being in community, something that continues at Hillcrest and something that Diane partnered with Hillcrest staff to create.

Bread and Jam Dash_LOGO_FINAL 2019.jpg

Bread and Jam details:

Packet Pick up Begins at 7:00 am, April 27, 2019

Packet Pick up will be held in the Student Union (Building behind the castle and down the hill.)

Parking is available in the Bethel Church lot and the Hillcrest lot behind the football field.  Additional parking available on side streets.

Race begins at 9:00am

This is a family friendly event.  Lots of entertainment and inflatables for kids.  Strollers welcome in the race too!

The Passion for the Race

Sam and Zeke are the children of Diane Ihrke. The two are very proud of the sacrifices their mother made to enable them to attend Hillcrest. In her memory, they are forming the endowment to enable more students to attend Hillcrest. Hear Sam's testimony below, given in a Chapel service at Hillcrest.

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The CEntennial Beacon

The Centennial Beacon is 24 stories coming from Hillcrest's history over the past 100 years. Historian and author Steve Hoffbeck has compiled some of the most poignant stories that have defined Hillcrest Academy.

What is the book

The Centennial beacon is a 10"X10" coffee table book. It presents vivid images from Hillcrest's Levang Gallery that give visual perspective to the stories that have shaped Hillcrest Academy. You will be able to view never before seen photos of Chinese missionaries who worked at and attended Hillcrest Academy and the Lutheran Brethren Bible School. There are also photos of the early days at Hillcrest, students playing sports and in classroom settings that shows a stories past of Hillcrest that continues into the future.


order the Book

The 400+ page book may be purchased for $99.95 hardbound and $34.95 softbound




Friday, May 24 2019

7:00pm Choir Concert

Bethel Lutheran Church

The Hillcrest band and choir will perform their final concert for the 2019 school year at Bethel Lutheran Church. It is an open seating event, so arrive at least 10 minutes early. There is a Centennial Reception following the concert. This a time for us to connect with friends over light refreshments.

Hillcrest Concert Reception

Following the concert there is a reception in the Bethel Fellowship

Saturday, May 25 2019

10:00am Alumni Brunch & Class Photos

Student Activities Center

RSVP Requested | Registration @ 9:30am

The Alumni Brunch is integrated into grad weekend as an ideal gathering place for alumni of all ages. Enjoy a great meal and short program featuring singing, videos, and the Alumnus of the Year presentation. All HLA and LBS alumni and their families are welcome. Cost for the brunch is $12/person.

7:00pm Senior Class Night

Student Activities Center

Come celebrate and hear from the Hillcrest Class of 2019. Open to all.

Sunday, May 26 2019

10:00am Baccalaureate & Commencement

Student Activities Center

Golden Alumni (Class of 1969) will have reserved seating and receive special recognition during Commencement.

12:30pm Traditional Singing of Class Song

Front Steps

Following Commencement, the Class of 2019 will gather one last time on the HLA front steps to sing their class song.

1:00pm President’s Reception

Student Union

Immediately after the seniors sing their class song, join President Brad Hoganson and HLA leadership for fellowship and light refreshments.




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