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Main Office:


Girls' Dormitory:

218.737.6410 (office)  |  218.205.7797 (cell)

Boys' Dormitory:

218.737.6409 (office)  |  218.205.7873 (cell)




The Dormitories will be making various trips to the airport.To register for pick-up from an airport, and to register for the Dormitory Cook-out during welcome week, please complete the Travel Registration Form.


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What is the Campus Security at Hillcrest

Hillcrest takes campus security very seriously. We lock down the campus each night, closing off road entrances and locking buildings. Nightly checks in school hallways and resident halls provide a constant physical presence and campus security check. Portions of Hillcrest's campus are under video surveillance to provide continued campus security.

Hillcrest's Resident Life Staff provide continued monitoring of students. If a student desires to walk to a local coffee shop or restaurant (There are a number within walking distance of the campus), the student must speak verbally with a Resident Life Staff member to obtain permission to leave campus. The Staff member often checks on the student as they are off campus. Sometimes this involves staff members calling the student if they are later in their return to campus, and can involve a staff member driving to the restaurant to visit the student. There are 16 staff members for Hillcrest's 100 person Residence Halls.

Will my student be accepted?

Hillcrest is a very inclusive place for students who engage in the atmosphere. Nearly half of Hillcrest's population is new each year, noting that the graduating class of 45 students is replaced by approximately 15 7th grade students, 30 domestic students, and 15 international students. Hillcrest also has a special partnership with the Danielsen School in Bergen, Norway. This partnership sees a new group of approximately 28 students each year attend our school. All in all Hillcrest sees approximately 75 new students each year. This makes each year very unique, with new personalities and cultures engaging the Hillcrest community. It is very easy to be new to Hillcrest.

Who advocates for my student?

Hillcrest's Resident Life Staff coordinate a special mentor group. These staff members meet weekly with students in their mentor group in the Resident Halls. Staff are able to hear and support students, building a strong mentor relationship to guide the students. If there is a feeling of an injustice, often the administration look to the mentor group leader for the particular student involved to seek clarity and receive a whole perspective of a situation. The mentor often walks the student through discipline and successes during their time at Hillcrest.

How will my student get to the airport during vacations?

Hillcrest arranges curbside transportation to and from the Fargo Airport (Hector International Airport). Students flying into Minneapolis may have to take the Executive Express shuttle. The shuttle leaves from the transportation hub of the Minneapolis St. Paul airport and takes students as far as Alexandria, Minnesota. Pre-arranged transportation will schedule a Hillcrest driver to meet the student in Alexandria to complete the final leg of the trip to Hillcrest. All transportation questions and arrangements are made with Sharlene Schmidt ( | 218-737-6404).

How will my student sign up for sports?

Our athletic office is incredible. They will walk you step-by-step through the process to sign your student up for the sport they desire. There is a formal registration period where the athletic office arranges a specific time to meet with families and/or students to process registration forms and confirm completion of all necessary documents. From there, the students and family are introduced to the athletic calendar and schedule where they will be able to track the practice schedule and contact coaches.

How do Parent-Teacher conferences work?

Hillcrest arranges parent-teacher conferences around family visit times to the campus. The fall conferences are held over the homecoming weekend. If parents are unable to attend a conference, or have specific questions regarding their student, they should know that the teachers at Hillcrest work to make themselves readily available for any and all questions. Through Hillcrest's student management system, RenWeb, parents are able to chart student progress and email teachers directly.

If a parent has additional questions they should contact Principal Isaac directly ( | 218-737-6407).

How do we follow our student's Life at Hillcrest?

Hillcrest offers a number of avenues for parents to track the life of the student during their time at Hillcrest. Daily postings on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) give an insight into the classroom and school culture. Hillcrest also offers LiveStreaming of specific Hillcrest activities. This is a great chance for parents to watch their child play and/or cheer in the stands.

Hillcrest also offers an updated photo library of events and activities that happen on campus. Parents are able to access the library to order prints of the students with their friends at Hillcrest.