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The Hillcrest Experience

Life at Hillcrest is much more than homework and classes. Our mission is to train our students to live a life of significance found in Jesus Christ. That's why Hillcrest provides focused opportunities for spiritual, social, and physical development outside the classroom. It is a place where students are learning to live out their faith in every avenue of life.

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It's Formational

Structured in the Hillcrest program are prayer days, challenging chapel speakers, regular times of praise & worship, Bible studies, community and international missions and plenty of leisure activities throughout the year.


It's Diverse

The diversity of cultures on Hillcrest campus is unique and exciting. Students come from all over the world. Hillcrest has an uncommon ability to integrate local, national, and international students into a dynamic, safe, and loving student body. 


It's Life Changing

Students return each year after they've graduated to share how Hillcrest has impacted them. Whether students continue to elite college and university study, explore careers in trade schools, or venture to the mission field, alumni from Hillcrest continue to comment on their life-changing time at Hillcrest.


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Hillcrest teaches students to engage the world intellectually with a Biblical framework. Seeing that the world is intricately designed, with specific forms and functions in mathematics, sociology, science and the like, Hillcrest builds confidence in students that world looks designed because it has an Intelligent Designer. Understanding this design, students are driven to a deeper study of subjects as they continue to study the mind of God as it relates to their academic disciplines.

In order to understand more about God and His design of the world, Hillcrest references the Bible, which we regard as absolute truth. This perspective allows us to teach classes with a Biblical worldview using the Bible as a primary textbook to understanding the world.

Our instructors help students to see what God’s Word has to say about each subject they study. Teachers will challenge students to consider how their lives and their thinking reflect or stand in opposition to their Creator. This helps students prepare for social, academic, and spiritual challenges they will face in college.

Outside of the traditional high school curriculum, Hillcrest offers a rigorous Honors program highlighted by college courses and AP offerings in math, history, english and art. If students are musicians or artists, Hillcrest is a place where they’ll feel right at home through our performance clubs and music tours that teach students to be active and communicative with their artistic abilities. 

Hillcrest boasts a strong liberal arts program with multiple opportunities for students to improve in their musicianship or artistic craft. Courses are offered in choral, small group ensemble, concert band, jazz band and visual arts with exposure to ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, multimedia and graphic design.

In addition to our traditional music program are opportunities to play and lead in several Hillcrest praise bands. We realize that the trend of musicianship within the church is growing, and to encourage this we have established a Worship Arts program. Students will get a chance to work on musicianship, organize a worship service, and understand what Scripture teaches about worship.

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Go out from Hillcrest

The Hillcrest experience gives each student the opportunity to encounter the living Christ on a regular basis. At Hillcrest we realize that not everyone is called to missions overseas, but everyone is called to live a life reflecting the mission God reveals to them through their talents, abilities, and hard work. Our goal is to prepare students to live out that calling in whatever occupation they choose.

Students have plenty of practical opportunities to experience both local and cross-cultural missions. They are encouraged to step beyond their comfort zone and prepare for a life of significance.

Hillcrest dorm and student life will strengthen student's social skills, preparing them to function in a diverse world. Hillcrest academic life will strengthen their mind, preparing them to succeed among fierce competition. Hillcrest spiritual life will strengthen their confidence, preparing them to bring Christ to a lost world.


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