An Update from President Hoganson

There’s a special value in Hillcrest that can only be told in the lives of our students. That’s what I’ve seen in my first year as President. I’ve heard from 80-year-old alumni how Hillcrest changed their lives while also hearing testimony after testimony from our 2018 graduates who share that God not only transformed their lives through Hillcrest, but He has also enhanced the lives of their families through what students learn at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. God uses Hillcrest in special ways.


We have more than forty new students set to become Comets next year. Our target is sixty new students. I am witnessing God calling us to a wider group of families who are seeking a reasoned Christian worldview training within a grace-based and Christ-centered theology. We house an incredible tradition and teaching in our halls, and we are working to break down barriers to share it with the world. Your financial support of Hillcrest not only opens doors for students to hear the Gospel, but it propels changed students back to home churches and communities. Please consider supporting the Hillcrest Fund as we close out our fiscal year.

Grace and peace,

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Student Stories | Ashley Jarvi ‘18

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One night I snuck out of the house and my parents found out. I had prayed that night to not get caught, but that God, a god, somewhere, would change my life. The day after getting caught my parents asked me what they should do with me. I said, ‘Send me to boarding school.’ I don’t know why I said that.

My life was kind of falling apart. I was getting into a lot of trouble. My mom took my not-well-thought-out suggestion about boarding school to heart and found Hillcrest. I was really far from God, but my parents weren’t really Christians, though.

I went in to tour Hillcrest the start of my sophomore year. Three days after my tour I was moving in to the dorms. It was already welcome week. In two days I would start school. I wasn’t a Christian, I wasn’t living for the Lord, but everyone here was. I remember being amazed that everyone was holding the door for me and showing me kindness and love. I’d never seen this at school before.

Through my time at Hillcrest I was able to hear the Gospel and have mentors and find salvation. And literally, Hillcrest brought that into my life. Without Hillcrest I probably would’ve never found Christ. 

Through my Spanish teacher, Mr. Quam, I was connected with his wife, Paula. We started a Bible study together and she started mentoring me. She started telling me about Jesus. She started telling me that my life wasn’t about me, but about Jesus. I didn’t realize that my life wasn’t about me. It was really hard for me to admit the things of my past, how I treated people and stole from people, but she helped me realize the love of God. I had a unexplainable peace when I discovered God’s love. I really needed a fresh start, and that’s what Jesus gave me at Hillcrest.

Jesus is seeping into my family now. My mom and dad starting going to church after I was at Hillcrest, and now they’re taking parenting classes to figure out how to care for me and my siblings. My mom is working at a homeless shelter now. It’s just crazy how God has changed our lives. Hillcrest is such a big part of our story of redemption.

God is continuing to shape and mold me. Through my time at Hillcrest I definitely grew comfortable with my own faith, spending my own time with God and not really going outside of that. But now I feel God calling me to go out and share my story, of how he has redeemed and restored me in Christ. I had the opportunity to practice this on the Dominican Mission trip and in our Evangelism Club trip to Minneapolis where we shared our faith with people on the light rail.

I am in awe of what God has done in my life through Hillcrest. We are new people made whole by God’s love and forgiveness that we found during my time at Hillcrest Academy.

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HLA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Established

A scholarship endowment to assist students has been established. Reunion classes have opportunity to contribute to this endowment. This endowment will be supported by HLA alumni, with scholarships from this endowment to be awarded. Thank you to all alumni classes who will contribute to this very worthy cause.